Over 1.5 Million Indians to be Affected by Trump Admin’s H-1B Visa Rule Tweak

Trump Government has been tightening the H1-B visa rules. Indians are concerned about the bill already intended for this purpose. The proposal given by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of the major impacts on Indians doing jobs in the US.

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering new regulations that would prevent foreign workers from getting H-1B visa extensions while their green card applications are pending.

Indians currently employed in IT companies in the US on H1B visa apply for green card for permanent residence. If it takes time for green card approval they extend their H1-B visa. These facility were stopped with the new proposal. The proposal is intended to prevent the visa from being renewed when the green card application is in pending.

If this proposal is practical, about 50 to 75,000 H1-B visa holders will have to come for repatriation. Nasscom expressed concern over the existing legislation that has already been adopted.

Nasscom President R Chandrasekhar has said that it has raised concerns in US Senators, Congress members and officials over the issue and will soon discuss H-1B visa related issues.

“This change will be catastrophic for Indian American community. There are over 750,000 H-1B primary applicants stuck in green card backlogs that span many decades. We estimate that there are around 800,000 dependants (spouses and children) of Indian origin who will be directly impacted if Department of Homeland Security gets rid of H1B visa extension beyond 6th year,” on official of an immigration firm in the US said.

As many as 1.5 million Indians (which includes spouses and children) living in the US are expected to be affected by the new regulations. “This could result in mass exodus of Indians from the US, which would be unprecedented in US history,” the official added. 


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