19,000-pound Chinese space station falling “uncontrolled” back to Earth

China, which competed in space exploration with superpowers like the United States and Russia, has now brought a huge threat to the land. For space research, China specifically built a space station named Tiangong-1. This space station, which weighs about 19,000 pounds, is going to land on Earth from space. In March 2016, scientists lost control over Tiangong-1. Since then it is is slowly traveling towards the ground. Scientists now say that it has entered Earth orbit.

When will it fall
Scientists estimate that it may fall anywhere between 43 degrees latitudes in the north-south poles . It is estimated that it will hit the earth between January and March months.

Where it falls
Experts say that it is likely to fall on major cities, known as global economic, commercial and national capitals. These include New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, Rome, Istanbul, and Tokyo.

Risk level
If  Tiangong-1 collapses. City like Our capital Delhi will be wiped out. life will become extinct, huge buildings will collapse. Experts say India and Britain has no major threat with Tiangong-1.

What is China
China says with the collapses Tiangong-1 nothing will be lose. This space station has worked for four and a half years. It also worked for another two and a half years life time. The key parts of the space station have already been burned to the fire, said Wu Ping, Deputy Director of Space Engineering. At the time of landing into the atmosphere, the space station will burn in the air.


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