Film ticket rates hiked in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

The joint High Court has issued interim orders to allow the theaters to increase the price of cinema tickets in both the states. However, it is clear that all classes of proposed ticket prices should be given to the relevant mechanism. The government committees have made it clear that these prices can be raised until the guidelines are made.

High court also ordered to pay taxes in the appropriate proportions according to the increased prices. In the past, the High Court has canceled the order to set up a special account regarding the amount raised. High court ordered relevant authorities to take decision to set up separate accounts. Court order Joint Collectors to monitor whether the guidelines provided by the High Court are mandatory and submit a report on it.

The next hearing was postponed to February 1 for counters on the issue. The order was issued by Justice SV Bhatt. Many of theaters managements have approached the High Court over the government not taking decision on ticket price hike in their cinema halls and asked High court to allow them to increase prices before the issuance of G.O.

In order to revise the ticket prices in the joint state, the government has ordered the establishment of committees headed by Home Secretary, The committees have been asked to set up guidelines by March 2017 but Government have not yet established a committees. Although the Telangana government passed G.O. 75, but it stopped implementation.

So Now Justice SV Bhatt has issued Interim Order and allowed the theaters to increase the ticket prices.


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