Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkhaban

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
12 Muggles Peter Pettigrew Blasting Curse 1 November, 1981 Unknown / varies Sirius Black was framed for the crime; happened shortly after Voldemort’s attack on the Potters.
BiliusWeasley Unknown Saw a Grim, and died 24 hours later of unknown reasons Unknown, possibly around the time when Ron was seven years old Unknown Fred and George stated he “never married.”
Binky (a pet rabbit) A fox Mauling 15 October, 1993[1] None The rabbit was “just a baby” when the death occurred. Belonged to Lavender Brown and caused her to accept Sybill Trelawney’s apparent predictions.
Hagrid’s Flobberworms Hagrid’s third year class Overfeeding Sometime during the 1993-1994 school year According to Hagrid, they were fed too much lettuc


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