BCCI is the only board opposing cricket in Olympics

There are many games in the Olympics. Cricket the game playing in more than 20 countries, like India, England, South Africa and Australia. But surprisingly Cricket is not played in Olympics. Cricked was played at 1900 Olympics. But later this game was dropped from Olympics. Attempts to retain cricket back into that mega tournament did not happen. But for the last few years the ICC is trying to do by bringing all the boards together.

Now all the other members of the ICC are positive, but the proposal does not go ahead with the BCCI. The ICC and the other boards are unhappy about this. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also clarified that there is no doubt that the ICC member nations will be included in the Olympics if they come together.

It was recently discussed at the MCC Cricket Committee meeting. Subsequently, the committee chairman and former England captain Mike Gatting responded. “It’s a matter of extreme intolerance. We are asking BCCI to bring cricket to the Olympics, “he said.

The Indian cricket board, on the other hand, has had its reasons for showing reluctance. “There are a few things. One is, what would be our position with regard to the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) – the Indian contingent goes to the Olympics under the aegis of the IOA and the cricket board might temporarily lose its autonomy. Then, participation in the Olympics might eat into our Future Tours Programme (FTP).


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