People who Died in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Character Killed by Cause of death Date of death Last lines Notes
Rubeus Hagrid’s father [unknown] [unknown] [When Rubeus Hagrid was a child] Unknown / Varies Unknown / Varies
Tom Riddle Snr Lord Voldemort Killing Curse August 1943 Unknown / Varies Killed so that Tom Riddle could turn Marvolo Gaunt’s Ring into a Horcrux. Framed Morfin Gaunt for the crime.
Thomas Riddle
Mary Riddle
Mrs Crouch N/A Unknown Illness 1982 Took Polyjuice Potion and posed as her son, Barty Crouch Jr and took his place in Azkaban Prison. Buried at the burial ground by the prison, under her son’s physical appearance.
Evan Rosier Alastor Moody Unknown 1980 Both killed while resisting capture before Lord Voldemort’s downfall. Evan, however, managed to blast off a significant part of Moody’s nose in the process.
Wilkes Unspecified Aurors
Bertha Jorkins Lord Voldemort Torture and Killing Curse Summer 1994 Passing on the information about the Triwizard Tournament to Voldemort Disposed of by Voldemort after passing on the information about the Triwizard Tournament to him, Barty Crouch Jr and Peter Pettigrew.
Frank Bryce Killing Curse 24 August 1994 Is that right? Lord, is it? Well, I don’t think much of your manners, My Lord. Turn ’round and face me like a man, why don’t you? In the Riddle House, murdered for overhearing Voldemort’s plans for the Triwizard Tournament and Harry Potter.
Spider Barty Crouch Jr(posing as Alastor Moody) 4 September 1994 Squealing This spider was used to demonstrate the Killing Curse to Moody’s class
Barty Crouch Snr 24 May 1995 “I… escaped… must warn… must tell… see Dumbledore… my fault… all my fault… Bertha… dead… all my fault… my son… my fault… tell Dumbledore… Harry Potter… the Dark Lord… stronger… Harry Potter…” Killed for abandoning him as a Death Eater years ago. Body later transfigured into a bone and buried in Hagrid’s garden.
Cedric Diggory Peter Pettigrew(as per Lord Voldemort’s orders) 24 June 1995 “Wands out, d’you reckon?” Accidentally Portkeyed to Little Hangleton with Harry Potter and was disposed of by Peter Pettigrew on Voldemort’s orders.


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