Do You Long For The Good Life Without Going Broke?

  • Have a good breakfast. No matter how early your meetings are.

I remember back in school, there was this ad about how you should eat eggs whether it’s Sunday or Monday. Basically, the ad was a lot catchier than I’m making it out to be.

  • Try out new things, especially when it comes to the things you buy.

Explore. If the world goes on about how an iPhone is THE phone to have, try figuring out something that doesn’t leave you broke. The new iVOOMi i1 with Absolute View smartphone has an Infinity Edge Display, a Fingerprint Sensor, Dual Camera, AND a durable battery life all for a price point BELOW 10k. Basically, you can get a flagship phone and STILL afford a good breakfast.

  •  Travel right.

All of us want those #Wanderlust Instagram posts. And we assume that travelling involves expensive tickets and hotels – but choose the right places, stay in hostels, and book tickets in advance, and you’ll have those posts…and the experiences you want.

  • Laugh more.

Find reasons to laugh. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. It’s amazing how something as simple as laughing can change your life.

  •  Understand that the best things in life…are actually kinda affordable.

I would say free, but TBH, no one would believe me. So remember that you can enjoy things without spending a ton of money on it. Look for budget alternatives, without shame. When I found out about iVOOMi’s flagship phones, – i1 and i1s with fancy-ass stuff like a Fingerprint Sensor and an Infinity Edge Display, I cancelled all plans of saving up for a phone above 20k and decided to save up for another cheap trip instead.

  • Choose tiny gigs over large concerts.

They’re more intimate. You can actually SEE the musician. They’re cheaper. And honestly, they make live music so much better.

  • Choose house parties over clubbing.

Clubbing is great. But also expensive. And might just ruin your eardrums and your best clothes. So go crazy, and dance your heart out at something a little more low-key, but A LOT more intimate. You won’t regret it.

  •  Learn to cook at least one new meal a week.

All of us want good food. To taste new things. To learn new things. So why not combine it all into a weekly ritual that’ll help you adult SO MUCH better?

  •  Explore your city on foot/ use public transport as much as possible.

There’s a certain beauty that comes with walking around your favourite city. You discover tiny hubs that don’t exist on the internet, meet people you never thought you would. The good life is so much more than fancy cars and fancier restaurants.

  • Stop micro-managing your future.

I know this is obvious but repeat after me: STOP STRESSING OUT. Plan your future, but accept that there are things you can’t control. And that’ll help you breathe SO much easier.




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