Deaths of 2 MLAs Make Rajasthan Lawmakers Wary Of ‘Haunted’ House

The ghosts are haunting in Rajasthan Assembly. Habibur Rahman and Kalulal Gurjar – told Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Thursday that a “purification ritual” must be performed in the Assembly building as they fear it is haunted. Assembly session are going in Rajasthan right now. During the discussion, the BJP MLAs Rahman and Kaulal Gurzar raised the issue that two MLAs were dead due to ghosts in Assembly. As the Assembly hall was built on cemetery, he is scared that the bad spirits are now in the assembly.

A ruling BJP MLA even suggested that the chief minister perform a “yajna” to rid the House of the influence of “ghosts”.

Government Chief Whip Kalulal Gurjar admitted that certain members of the House were uneasy ever since the deaths of the two MLAs and that he himself feared there might be a “ghost” troubling the place. “It is said that the Assembly was built on a land which was a cremation ground earlier and there may be spirits roaming around,” he told

“Their numbers are coming down in the Assembly that has 200 members. Some are resigning. Some are going to jails. Some of them were dead. All this is happening with bad spirits, “he alleged. I told Madam (CE Vasundhara Raje) that the Assembly building was built on the cemetery. He suggested to conduct Worship to get rid of bad spirits. 

Kalyan Singh, MLA from Nathdwara area died on Wednesday. In August last year, the BJP MLA died due to Swine Flu. These two deaths are because of ghosts in assembly hall. However, the issue is dismissed by Assembly Secretary Prithviraj. He spent many times in the assembly premises for work till late at night.


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