No work permits for H-1B visa spouses: Trump administration to scrap the Obama-era rule

US President Donald Trump’s mechanism will make a sensational decision. The top-level Federal Agency official in the US has informed the legislators that the Trump mechanism is planning to remove the work permit for H1-B visa partners. Removing this work permit will have a serious impact on thousands of Indians in the US. Former President Obama Act was made lawful to allow H1-B visa partners to work legally. But Trump hopes to raise this clause.

H-4 visa will be given to their spouses who live in the US on the H1-B visa. Many Indians work and businesses with a work permit. Hundreds of Indians are in the United States on H-4 visa. Many are opposed to the proposal to trump the work permit for H1-Be Visitor Partners. Many lawmakers are also opposed to this policy.

The Trump Mechanism is seeking to remove the provision of the H-4 Rule. This will be followed by a formal announcement later this summer, “said Francis Cissna, director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) director, Senator Chuck Grassley. He said the new guidelines and regulations would be set up to remove this rule from the past to protect jobs and provide jobs to Americans. There is a possibility for people to give feedback on the new regulations.

According to Migration Policy Incentives, more than 71,000 H1-B visa holders have been issued documents, while 90 percent of them are Indians. At the beginning of 2017, 94 percent of women were allowed to work with H-4 visa. 93 percent of Indians are Indians. Only four percent of China’s.

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