Facebook changes management launches blockchain division

San Francisco: In the management of Facebook management, the company has been making huge changes in the management team for the first time. More than 12 people have changed in the tenure of executives. Engineering and Production Teams were divided into three units. Facebook has recently made changes to the leadership after the recent data scandal involving the worldwide storm. Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger App. Especially, the Black Chain Tool relaunched. These details were revealed in a regulatory filing.

Facebook changes management launches blockchain division

A few million users personal information leaked out in March. Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg will continue as CEO. Chief Executive Officer Sheryl Sandberg is the second most important executive after CEO. The long-standing member of the Zuckerberg circle promoted Chris Cox, chief product officer. Chris is now incharge of Facebook App, Smartphones, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger App. Another Executive Javier Olivan is responsible for the maintenance of the “Social Product Services” section.

Black chain Technology has been renewed for bitcoins, David Marcus of the Messenger chat app is head. News Feed Former Head Adam Mossari has been appointed as the photo-sharing app for Instagram (replacing Captain Kevin Weil). Whatsapp co-founder replaced John Kom and replaced him with Chris Daniels. Obama’s former administration officer, Jeff Gints, chief executive officer of the Cranmarmer Group, has entered Facebook on the board.

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