Number of children in Japan falls for the 37th consecutive year

Whatever the development of the country is crucial. Economic growth is much higher if the population of the country is high. This issue is a serious concern in Japan. Because young people have been steadily falling in the Japanese population over the last 30 years. Japan’s Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Information released a report on April 1, 2018, compared to the previous year’s 1.70,000 young people. Another concern that concerns is the growth of the vulnerable population.

Now the population of Japan is 12.6 crores. The younger generation (between 12 and 14) is only 32 lakhs. 18.9 percent in the US, 16.8 percent in China and 30.8 percent in India, while Japan has a population of 12.3 percent. The Government has taken many initiatives to increase the decline of the population on a daily basis. Encourage people to have more children and offer cash rewards. As a result of these measures, fertility to 1.4% by 2015 will increase to 1.8% by 2025.

Younger – financials
Reports say that the current population of 12.6 crores will be dropped by the decline of the population to 8.67 crores by 2060. The government’s movements reveal that the country’s economy is facing a serious crisis, as the younger population decline and the growing number of elderly people. The number of taxpayers will also decrease when the workforce is reduced. As a result, the treasury of the country’s becoming problematic to provide Healthcare and pensions for the elders.

Japan’s attitude towards immigrants does not change, even if it faces similar difficulties. Allowing large numbers of immigrants and attempts to increase the population does not. In the United States, 7% of the total population of foreigners are in Japan, while in Japan the immigration is only 1.3%. There is also a shortage of workers here because of the low population. Another reason is gender dislocation.

In Japan, there is a 25 percent difference between female and female payments. Furthermore, Japanese women are not going to handle some kind of duties due to child protection, sexual harassment, and inequality. To reduce human resources shortage, by 2050, Japan must be careful to ensure that three-quarters of the population of the country is young. The government’s report also stated that the increase in wages and the betterment of women in workplaces will increase the safety and security of the immigrants.


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