Supreme Court Rejects Request For Probe Into Sridevi’s Death

Interesting arguments took place in the Supreme Court on the death of prominent film actress Sridevi. The Supreme Court dismissed the petition seeking an independent inquiry into her death. Supreme Court bench of Justice Dipak Mishra, Justice AM Kanwalakkar and Justice DV Chandrachud dismissed the petition filed by Sunil Singh. The petitioner told the court that the insurance policies in the name of Sridevi would pay only if she died in Dubai.

The counsel for the petitioner Vikas Singh told the court that the Rs.240 crore insurance policy in the name of Sridevi would be released if she died in Dubai. On the other hand, the question of how a person with a 5.7 foot is lying in a 5.1-foot bathtub. She was asked by Dubai Police to bring all her medical and investigative documents to India and investigate with an independent agency. Have a look at this video.<<SCROLL DOWN TO READ MORE.


Vikas suspected that Sridevi was dead in suspicious circumstances. On March 9, Sunil Singh was approached by the Supreme Court after the Delhi High Court dismissed the petition seeking the death of Sridevi. The forensic report revealed that Sridevi was accidentally killed in a bathroom tub in Dubai hotel on February 24 this year.

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