The Madras High Court should avert speculation and deliver a verdict in 18 MLAs case

NEW DELHI: The judiciary will not stand on the grounds that the executive system interferes with court recruitment. The legal system’s independence depends on fast judgment. There are many suspicions about the judicial system as well as in cases of political and administrative significance. Now the same incident was going on.

 There are 18 assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu are vacant from September 18, 2017. The ruling speaker was disqualified on charges of anti-party activities due to the ruling AIADMK party and 18 MLAs joining the party against Dinakaran. The Opposition accused 18 MLAs of suspension in the backdrop of the Palliswamy’s consensus with the lowest margin. In the backdrop, 18 MLAs approached the court. On January 23, Madras High Court Chief Justice Indira Banerjee was pronounced the postponement of the judgment.

The Election Commission is conducting elections in six months with the intention of causing problems for the people and administration in cases where the Assembly constituency is not represented. But why 18 Assembly constituencies are empty and eight months have not been passed. The High Court was quick to hear the case of 11 MLAs suspended from the same paneer Selvam community. 11 MLAs in the Panneer Selvam community have been joined by him again and again with differences in the form of Palanisamma. The Opposition is to court to suspend them because they voted against the AIADMK government in violation of the party whip. The High Court, which has completed a fast hearing on 11 MLAs suspension, is still suspicious of the 18-member MLA’s suspension case in Dinakaran, which opposes the Palaniswami government.

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