Is BJP Follow Operation Lotus Again

Bangalore: The Karnataka Election which raised curiosity across the country has ended with result announcement on Tuesday evening. BJP became the largest party in the Karnataka by winning  104 seats but it did not reach the ‘magic figure 112’ needed to form the government. Due to this the confusion raised among the people of Karnataka which party is will form the government. Moreover, Karnataka people remind the 2008 election. 

Operation Lotus:

In 2008 the same situation faced by BJP leader in Karnataka to form a government but also it stood as one of the leading party. Three seats are less to reach the magic figure. In that situation, BJP offers a bribe to the opposition leader and attract the three Congress leader and two JDS leaders for coming into the power. 

The opposition party leaders criticized the BJP party leaders who follow a wrong direction for coming into power and named their untrusted work as “Operation Lotus. At that time then Yeddyurappa who became Chief Minister. However, Yeddyurappa came out of the BJP in 2013 and formed the party in the name of the Karnataka Janata Party (KJP). At that time Yeddyurappa expressed regret over ‘Operation Lotus’. He then revealed that he had chosen this illegal way to increase BJP strength in the assembly.

The situation in 2018:

The same situation which took place in 2008 has been continued to 2018 assembly;y elections. Now, the BJP, the Congress, and the JDS are moving strategies to form the government in Karnataka. Even though the BJP won 104 seats and became the single largest party, it failed to reach the ‘magic figure 112’ to form the government. On the other hand, the Congress and JDS are trying to establish a government. Opposition parties have blamed BJP for the ‘Operation Lotus’ once again in Karnataka.

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